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Here's my issue...I would like some better covers for my Fan-fiction but my drawing skills are terrible. I also don't really have anything to offer but to edit my fan-fiction and put anyone's possible fan-fiction cover on. Knowing that I don't really have anything to offer will probably throw a everyone off. I'm sorry I don't have much to offer. :( (Sad)  But I'm pretty sure no one wants to see a bad drawing of well loved characters because I just can't draw.

If anyone is interested, then please leave a comment in the journal below.

I'm hopefully looking for front covers for:

Ao Oni - The Last Sunrise: A Hetalia cross-over with Ao Oni. (Re-writing)
Summary: Japan has finished making Ao Oni the day before the World Meeting. What happens when the next day he finds his game in real life? Human names used.

Chibi Charm: A Corpse Party story.
Summary: After the even of Heavenly Host, Yuka, Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi and Yoshiki decide to meet up for a picnic. When Ayumi finds and complete a charm the previous night...things don't always go to plan. What will happen when Satoshi gets stuck with the chibi?

Lone Wolf: A Corpse Party story.
Yoshiki's a lone wolf. A wolf with the ability to change into a human and back at will. Moving in to Kisaragi Academy, he must keep wolf ability a secret. After Satoshi welcomes him into his friendship group, Yoshiki learns that being alone, isn't always the best thing. Join him as he starts school. Before Heavenly Host.

Human Prize: A Cross-over between Ao Oni and Slender. Warning: Might be inappropriate for children. 
When Hiroshi runs into the nearby forest instead of back home, he runs into Slenderman. Oni wants his human back while Slenderman doesn't want to. What's going to happen to Hiroshi? Caught between two impossible creatures who want him?

More Than Just a Contractor: A Darker Than Black story.
After seeing Bai another time, Hei reaches out for her only to find his mind playing tricks on him. What happens if Hei can't take it anymore and starts to become dangerous to everyone? The Syndicate soon find out why Hei's breaking Contractor rules after Hei breaks free from the Syndicate. Hei's team must get him back before anything bad happens to their star Contractor.

Unwanted Illness: A Darker Than Black story.
After completing his mission, Hei falls badly ill. Vomiting, dizzy spells along with refusing to eat and a terrible cough has put Hei out of action until he's better. Amber takes it on herself to take care of Hei until he's better, even if he doesn't trust her.

The Start: A Darker Than Black story.
Summary: BK-201, a contractor who's unique. People became Contractors because the stars chose them, it isn't random that they get chosen. Follow BK-201 through Heaven's War and then through Hei.

Under The Mask: A Darker Than Black story. Warning: Yaoi - Hei x November 11.
November 11 finds BK-201 all beaten and blood covered. Instead of capturing BK-201, November 11 decides to nurse BK-201 back to his perfect condition. Discovering BK-201 more he feels attracted to the contractor, in more ways than one.

Looking After the Reaper: A Darker Than Black story.
When Misaki goes to capture BK-201, lightning strikes BK-201. When Misaki looks, he's back as a simple child. Hiding him at the police station isn't going to be easy, not when Hei's team try to get him back. It doesn't help when Hei's memory has been altered as well.

The Death Spark: A cross-over between Darker Than Black and Death Note.
L and Light are working on the Kira case before the power gets cut out, Watari informs them that the power cut wasn't a natural power cut. When new victims don't match the Kira killings, L suspects that a new player has entered the game. When Light drags L away from the headquarters to get some fresh air, they meet a Chinese exchange student named Li Shengshun. What's his link?

Hunting a Contractor, Hunted by Animatronics: A cross-over between Darker Than Black and Five Nights at Freddy's.
She’s finally tracked him down; BK-201 has been spotted in the Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant. Already aware of the incidents surrounding the building, Misaki dares to enter to capture the Black Reaper. Meeting up with Mike Schmidt, the Night Guard, they team up together to help track down the Contractor while avoiding the animatronics trying to stuff them into animatronics suits. Based off: Five Nights at Freddy’s with a little Darker than Black added.

The Darkest Soul Hides The Light: A cross-over between Darker Than Black and Kuroshitsuji. (To be posted)
Ciel and Sebastian have been given orders by the Queen to stop the new being from London's Underworld from attacking the people of London. More and more victims are found as each day passes causing fear to travel through London. Without any information on the suspect, the investigation isn't easy for Ciel and Sebastian to crack.

I am actually behind on posting all the chapters up for some stories so please bare with me at that.

Hope to find some people who's willing to help. Meow :3 
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